Inside The Beach Bag / by Roger Dé Monserrath

Inside The Beach Bag

Hey ladies! Pack for the beach, RogerDeMonserrath way! 
1) If you're going to the beach it would only be right to bring some sort of swim wear. This bikini set is so cool! I love the gem neck! Great way to make a statement, even in a bikini!! 
2) Sunglasses are a MUST, well, at least for me. 
3) A towel is very important to bring, especially a cute one! I know how uncomfortable it is to be wet! 
 4) Beach hats! I just love how ladies look in beach hats! 
 5) These sandals are perfect for when going to the back, and leaving. 
6) A beach dress is perfect for when going to the beach, and also leaving. 
7) If you're not a dress girl, don't worry I didn't forget about you! I paired a pair of printed wide leg pants with a white t shirt. You will be very cool, comfortable, and stylish!