Mixing Blue And Yellow / by Roger Dé Monserrath

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to hang out with my friends Aisha and Jolina, and my baby boy Mikko! I was so excited to see them, its been so long since we spent some time together! We took baby Mikko to the park, snapped a few pictures and pigged out hahaha! We had Nutella pizza with strawberries and banana slices on top. Yummmmy! 

On another note, sometimes when I can't find what to wear I opt for a black and white look, it's quick and simple. A little too simple for me, haha! so I decided to play with colors. I just love mixing Blue and Yellow. What colors do you like to mix?

T-shirt: FANIA
Jeans: Old Navy 
Blazer: Vintage
Sandals: Rainbow
Bag: Rainbow

Until next time ♥
-RDM xo

Photography by Aisha A.

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