Birthday Suit / by Roger Dé Monserrath

Happy Thursday everyone! 

This past Sunday was my 19th birthday! I want to thank everyone for their beautiful wishes and for making my birthday special. This past year I have learned so much. It was an emotional roller coaster but I gained some really good lessons, a new found strength, wisdom and a more positive attitude. 

So we all know how much I love a two piece suit and what better day than your birthday to wear one?! I saw this set at Forever21 and I was literally in love. I automatically thought to pair it with my Flamingo shirt, which I think is one of my favorite pieces I own(I say that about almost everything) Haha! 

Cheers to growing a year older, to learning, to loving and to wearing shirts with flamingos all over them! ♥ 

Shirt: Dresslink
Blazer: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: 5 Dollar Shoe Store

Thank you for reading! ♥ 
 -RDM xo

Photography by Laisha A.

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